Deixei minha carta de intenções no fórum & Encerro aqui minha paticipação no CNS!

25-06-2011 21:01

Encerro aqui minha participação no movimento mundial CNS!

Fomos ouvidos e o H2H será usado como plataforma para o novo SIM!

Deixei minha "carta de intenções" no Talk Inglês e deixo nas mãos do @civilu o envio!

segue abaixo a carta citada:

Re: Coalition for a new simulator

Por Club Member gewlaht Ontem 14:39
Hi Friends!

I believe we've done enough noise to the CREW hear us!

Now is the moment of to put on paper our ideas about the New SIM!

Our objectives need to be canalized at a document and send to the CREW!

here's a guide to these objectives:
1) tactically:

1.1) improvement in "Play by the Side"
1.2) The maintenance of the "form" when we use "alternative tactics" during the game!
1.3) expulsions during the match should lead to loss of form for the whole team in this match.

2) exclusion of this type of moves:

2.1) The player to back ball :
2.1.1) corners himself.
2.1.2) own goal
2.1.3) the attackers face to face with the goalkeeper and they to back ball !

2.2) passes excessive of head!
2.3) the goalkeeper don't take the ball when under him .

3) Unlock the player's abilities or make them work properly:

3.1) set plays: Penalties and Fouls.
3.2) Head ball
3.3) hight
3.4) Weight
3.5) Foot

4) general:

4.1) We want a game more tactical and less random!