Atenção Amigos! Fui suspenso dos fóruns por 1 mês pelo @patrick! Vejam aqui o motivo !

24-06-2011 14:23
Eles alegam que estou atacando a CREW!
mas a verdade é que estou atacando o "Head2Head" que é um caça níquel, para não melhorarem o simulador!
E esse Norueguês abaixo ,descobriu a queda, vertiginosa de membros , somente na europa!
Aqui o link da denúncia:
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MZ's downfall
Por Club Member hanzinho Hoje 09:49  
I guess some will have their own theory why MZ has gone through a serious decline these last years. I have my own, and present it here. Suprise suprise, I am convinced the simulator we have has played a major part in making people quit this game. The sim we have now is basically the same we got back in autumn 2008. Since then it has gotten even more random, by more boost being added to the equation, more yellow and red cards aswell. But basically it is the same sim, the same hockeyscores. The same sim that only allows you to play through a small corridor on the pitch. My view is based on the people I know in this game that has quit, all of them shared the same reason, and you can guess which one that is. And I base my view on the numbers I have fetched from, aswell as the general feel I have gotten by being active on the english and norwegian forum. It is true that all simulators has receive critisism, but no simulator prior to 2008 ever received this level of critisism, or even close to it. Not even the "meatwall simulator" back in 2003/2004.

Romanian user civilu created a thread recently where you could vote if you felt improving the simulator should be Crews top priority or not. Around 600 users feel that the simulator should be the top priority, and 20 is feeling it shouldn't. These are numbers based on the current active usermass, and allthough polls like these should be taken with a pinch of salt, it still gives a clear idea on what people in general feel about the current simulator (even 600 to 200 would). So basically, you could say that "everyone" wanted an improved simulator instead of H2H. But still, I get the feeling Patrick consider us "nay sayers" (his words) a small group. Because I doubt he would show such a condescending tone on the forum if he knew we are everyone.

Importants events on MZ:
2007: New simulator. For the first time it is possible to have predefined substitutions. This simulator is known for allowing wing-play. Many, myself included, consider this to be the best simulator in MZ history.
2008: New simulator. No more wingplay. And hockeyscores implemented. Matches ending 10-6, 6-7 etc. 3D received a major overhaul, and was probably the reason for changing the sim.
2009: New simulator. Still hockeyscores. Significantly more yellow and red cards.
2010: New design, around the same time there is a major drop in userbase across MZ. See graphs below.
2011: The simulator is tweaked by adding more boost/random to the equation. I call this Patrick's SuperBoost, as I remember he mentioned he wanted more interesting games, and he is the guy pulling the shots.

These graphs are fetched from And the way that page determine a user to be active, is by looking at the teams last 10 matches. If there is atleast one match that is non-league, then the team/account qualify as being active. Unfortunately these graphs don't go back to 2007.







My intention with this thread is highlighting what is the problem with MZ today, why people quit, why new users don't stay, why many people have closed their wallets. Crew don't understand their customers anymore, Patrick erratic and aggressive tone yesterday, along with him always choosing the opposite of what the users want, clearly shows this. He doesn't play this game, and he doesn't communicate with the users. Recipe for disaster.

If you have comments, or perhaps theories of your own, feel free to share them in this thread.
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Re: MZ's downfall
Por Club Member Gold monkeefromtheashes (NCA) Hoje 09:52
boring! The major drop in 2010 is the clean down of inactive team, now had you mentioned the continual drop since still boring.


Re: MZ's downfall
Por Club Member hanzinho Hoje 10:01
From news archive:
Exciting new League Compacting! 2010-10-15 19:00:15

Try again.


Re: MZ's downfall
Por kingjaime Hoje 10:31
I can't remember what it was particularly about, but the person you mentioned has previously referred to complainants on another issue as mainly being "stressed office workers, drunks or children". Lately he's determined they whine, they're nay sayers, "there is no point listening to those who shout the loudest, or repeat that we are rubbish" and in fact managed to be the first Crew member I've ever known pick up an "*edited* removed implied swearing" badge.


For me the sim is indeed an ongoing issue. I must say I personally also found the User Interface and layout change absolutely awful. I still hate it in comparison to the previous setup, which I found quite intuitive. Not only was the change bad, it was also pointless because yet again the community has a "new feature" imposed, which just about no-one asked for.

The sim, the User Interface and menu layout, the astonishing unwillingness of Crew to take basically any interest in what people are asking for, their months on end of invisibility... None of which would be as bad if there wasn't such clear potential to the game. I must also say it's clearly noticeable people drift out of the game, for these sorts of reasons, so I miss seeing them around or playing them.

The whole situation is boring and tiresome.


Re: MZ's downfall
Por Club Member claybone Hoje 10:56
Looks like a "coalition for implementation of the old design" is in order, the sim can wait.


Re: MZ's downfall
Por Contribuidor marciocha_20 Hoje 11:18
again? how many of those kind of topics i will be reading everyday? just shut the hell up and quit the game!


Re: MZ's downfall
Por Club Member hanzinho Hoje 11:22
I guess this thread is a desperate attempt to catch Crews attention, before they go into their 3 month hibernation again..

Yeah Jaime, Patrick's tone on the forum lately seem quite aggressive, and doesn't quit fit the image of a CEO in action. Him being edited for implied swearing says quite a bit.

Agreed, the user interface isn't very user friendly at all. More than one year after it was implemented, I have still not gotten the hang of it. Often I go "hmmmfff!" when I try to maneveur my mouse arrow horizontally across the screen, only to miss the invisible corridor and having to start over again. On the forums there were a lot of upset people when the UI was released, and many of them said they would quit. I thought it was just empty threats. But looking at the numbers, it is quite clear many did just that.

New UI back in 2010, the simulator we have had since 2008, and the lack of communication from Crew, even at the admin level. All those factors are in my opinion key factors for the serious decline in users across MZ. And the decline has happened despite Crew running several "invite a friend" campaigns.

No one forces you to read this thread. If you don't like it, don't read it. You see what I just did?


Beantwortet: MZ\\\'s downfall
Por Club Member Gold moffdacoach (RA) Hoje 12:16
hazinho didnt you say good bye 2 months ago? why are you still there?

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Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por Club Member gorglbnlgnag (NC) Hoje 12:20
Haha! This is the hanzinho I know! Always complaining and being a **** in the ***!

I say as moffdacoach... it's really about time you rage quit for good if this game is so shitty as you say.


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por Club Member hanzinho Hoje 12:38
Would be nice if some FA could remove the personal insults from the users above. Thanks.

This is a thread for discussion, and if you have nothing better to contribute with than insults, then please leave it be.


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por Contribuidor psycho25 Hoje 12:46
I am not worried about any SIMs anymore because i have just sold almost of the old team...Still got a few more to sell
I am worried about the financial problems that MZ are facing because of the drops in the user numbers.

I just hope that they will survive and not pull the plug too soon.


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por Club Member gorglbnlgnag (NC) Hoje 12:51
Personal insults? There is non whatsoever.

Some people is actually tired of all the complaining.
Ok! The game needs a new sim and it needs a new and better transfer market, I totally agree, but come on!
You've been complaining for months, maybe years already hanzi.
Isn't it about time to quit? Or at least relax for a bit?

Crew needs money to develop this game, they're not magicans.
So... go ahead, play H2H matches, be a club member, be a happy MZ-manager for a while and maybe one of these days crew will surprise us all.


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por kingjaime Hoje 12:52
It's apparently hard for people to understand. I hate the User Interface, I dislike the sim, I dislike that because of the UI, the sim and other things a lot of people I like are either very rarely seen or have disappeared from the game altogether.

But. The game has such potential. It is like a badly injured animal, where there is a chance with the right care and attention it could be brought back to good health. It's not enjoyable as it is, it's better as it was, it has the potential to be far better than either in the future. For those who can see that, it can be very disheartening not only to not see improvement, but to sometimes see it go further downhill.

There are few more stupid sentiments imo than "If you don't like it, QUIT!" That's the lame give-up option. "If you don't like it, try to do something about it!" is much better. I don't understand the seemingly aggressive defence of two things in particular (the UI and the sim) which any fool scanning the forums can much over the last year or so in particular will have noticed countless (ignored) complaints about them. Each to their own.


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por kingjaime Hoje 13:03
"I am worried about the financial problems that MZ are facing because of the drops in the user numbers."
That is a good point. All who care about the game should be. The drop is inarguable and those people haven't left "because of the complaining", they've left because of the things complained about not being addressed.


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por Club Member nomercyurz (GPA) Hoje 13:04
Don't kill MZ now, I'm only just getting together / training a half decent young team...long live MZ!


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por Club Member Gold ereng (RA) Hoje 13:15
1 thing I don't understand. These people who are arguing that the crew needs money to develop. WHY? Isn't this what their work is based on anyway? Aren't they already getting paid to work on what they were working on before? You guys are assuming they did H2H for free? You must be idiotic to think this way. It boggles my mind. If you're too stupid to understand:

1. Crew pays whatever money they pay to Marcus.
2. Marcus writes shit on the computer.
3. SIM changes.

No extra money. Extra money would be necessary if they were to get someone other than Marcus, which wouldn't be a bad thing. So unless I wasn't informed by Patrick, the communication guru, that they need money and you were, my bad. But otherwise, please stfu about crew needing this and that to develop shit.


Re: MZ\'s downfall
Por Ex Club Member shayno Hoje 13:36
There is no sense of community anymore, Very little engagement for the manager and the sim doesn't help.